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Hello, I'm Vernice.
A 16 years old female born and living in Singapore!
I'm currently at a height of 165cm. (weight is a secret!!)

I love to eat good food and have great interest in Japanese fashion and cosplay-ing!

Also, I love listening to music... English pop/rock/metal, Korean pop, Japanese pop/rock and much more! ~~
Favourite artists: Tokio Hotel, 2ne1, Kerli, Aqua (and many more!)

Here at Kiwilogy, I would like to write about things going on in my life and share my interests! Its mostly about me, and I'm kinda known as Kiwi so I named my blog Kiwilogy!~

Kiwi + technology!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!
I greatly appreciate it if you comment on my posts!! ^_^

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